When thinking of the F2, think of the F1, just toned down a little. Not as high in wild blood,
they are usually easier for the average person to deal with. The key word is usually.  

Most F2s will do well with children. There are no hard and fast rules. It will depend on the
cat, the child and the parents. Be realistic and honest, it will save on everyone's nerves,
including the cats.

F2s tend to be thieves and rascals, almost all of them will like the water.  They tend not to
be as exotic in terms of looks or temperament. However, as breeding becomes more refined,
you will find some F2s more beautiful than some F1s.

This cat is still an upper level hybrid and needs to be with someone that is truly a cat
person. That doesn't mean that you can't be a dog person also, I am. But you must really
love cats. You need to love them for their independence and their willingness to bond and
truly be loved.
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