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About ALC Kittens

ALC stands for Asian Leopard Cat. This is not a domestic animal but is in fact, a small wild cat. I hand
raise my cats but they are clearly different and absolutely not for everyone. Please give a lot of thought to
how appropriate a cat like this will be for you.

Many, if not most, of you will find that you cannot own one of these cats legally. You must check your
state, county and if need be, city laws as they pertain to the ownership of exotics. You also need to learn
how to properly take care of them and this especially includes proper diet. Inappropriate care will almost
surely result in poor health and/or an early death. Please think long and hard, they are beautiful and in
many ways wonderful but they need a special place where they can live in safety and in health.
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Asian Leopard Breeder Houston texas USA
This little girl is super
sweet and ready for a new
Please contact me for
further information.
This kitten is not available but
an example of my alc kits.
This kitten is not available but an
example of alc kitten produced by
Spot O'Luck