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That is a great question. For many, this can be skipped as they are so knowledgeable about the Bengal cat breed. But for others, it helps to have some information.

I know that when I started with Bengals, it was sooo confusing. What the heck is an F1, F2 etc? Here is a quick premier. I finally got it but it took a while. I know that my first thought was that I would never get it.

ALC alc Asian Leopard Cat. This is an exotic small cat. They are about the same size as a regular cat. I have some as little as 8 pounds and occasionally one that weighs in at 14 or 15 pounds.

F1 is a cross between an ALC and a domestic cat. We almost always use Bengals at this time because they are down from the alc and are part way there. F1 males, always sterile.

Why are the boys sterile? They are 2 different species. The alc has one more set of chromosomes than the domestic cat. Actually, the genetics people said that all the f1s would be sterile just as all mules are sterile. Mules are a cross between a horse and a donkey. It made national news a few years ago when someone had a fertile mule. So we just got lucky that the F1 Bengal girl is fertile.

F2 is a cross between an F1 girl and a fertile Bengal male. F2 boys are always sterile.

F3 is a cross between the F2 girl and a fertile Bengal male. When I first started breeding, I heard of an occasional male that was fertile. That was then and this is now. They are always sterile.

Once on the F4 level, they are usually going to be an SBT which means that they are eligible for the show ring. If you are a new breeder, please be aware that many F4 boys are sterile. I have not heard of F5 boys being sterile but I am not sure of that.

3/4 F1 is an F1 girl breed back to an ALC.

Now there, is that just as clear as mud?

So, this is the cat I fell in love with. The idea of a cat that is part wild blood was and is so intriguing. Does that mean that they have a temperament that is different? Yes, it does. I have had and loved many cats during my life and I can assure you, there is a difference. Some things are easy to say such as many like to play fetch and many like to play with water. But there is another part that is not so easy to describe. They have a presence that is simply different. It is so hard to describe some things. can you really describe the personality of a person? You can say they are friendly, moody etc but that doesn’t really do it. So it is with these cats. If they have been well socialized, they will follow you around and want attention on an extremely regular basis. If you are really a cat person and if you want an active cat that is full of mischief, then this very possibly is the cat for you. Childproofing the house is recommended for when they are kittens. Fortunately, as they mature, this is not as necessary. I actually prefer the adult over the kitten but each to their own.

Just for your information, snows that are lynx point, mink, sepia, and marbles can never ever be found on the f1 generation. These are recessive traits which the ALC does not have. Sooo, if someone wants to sell you an f1 with such a trait, tell them you will trade the Brooklyn bridge with them. However, silver is a very dominant trait and you can definitely get a silver f1.

It can be difficult for a new cat to acclimate to its new home and owners.

I once adopted a ten-year-old dog. Long story there. It took her well over a month to start to get over her depression from losing her family. She did finally come out of it and she fully bonded with me but it was a very difficult process for her to go through. What you should realize is, while my dog and many cats were able to bond to a new person, many of the Bengals cannot. If you are looking at the F1 or F2, they may never, ever bond to a new person once they have become adults.  Being left behind is something that they may never ever get over. 

It is my pleasure that I raise all generations of the Bengals. My emphases are on the ALCs, 3/4 F1s, F1s, and F2s. I hand raise my kittens and have been successful at raising them with really great temperaments. However, what I do will never be enough.When you get such a kitten, you need to work with them appropriately so that they can and will become loving members of the family. I am always available for questions.Well, maybe not after 10 at night but you get what I mean.

Please look further on this site to get more in depth information on each generation. It is so important to know what to expect so that you can make a more rational decision.

We are glad you could join us.

We have tried to give an honest and realistic appraisal of these cats. We hope you will give this some thought. These are living animals. They feel deeply for their humans. While nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring, We hope that you will have a realistic expectation of being able to keep an animal for its life before acquiring one. We try to match the best kitten with the right person and am always open to answering questions.

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When thinking of obtaining an early generation Bengal or an ALC, please give some very real thought to this. One thing that you need to think of is just how “settled” are you? While nobody really knows where they are going to end up, if you are still in college, if your career is just starting, if you haven’t gotten your family going, you are more apt to be moving, perhaps to a different state and most certainly you might be moving to a different city or county. These factors can influence whether you will even be legal in owning an ALC. If you plan on starting a family, an early generation Bengal is not the best choice for you. They may not accept a new family member.  Something that you might not know is that they do not rehome well at ALL. They love their person or their family but they never love another person no matter how good that person is. They fall in love for life, if moved, they may just become wild and never bond again.  Is everyone in the house really wanting this?  If someone doesn’t give this cat the attention it craves while it is growing up, it may never bond with that person. I do mean, ever. While we can never guarantee something because life is, we do want to give this cat the best odds when moving into their permanent home. I am very open to discussing all factors with prospective homes.

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